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Welcome to The Captain's Table Podcast

Welcome to The Captain's Table Podcast

Welcome to The Captain's Table PodcastWelcome to The Captain's Table PodcastWelcome to The Captain's Table Podcast

About Giles D Morgan Ltd.



At the heart of the Global Sports Industry - the most valuable and most undervalued unit of currency is -  the fan.  Without fans, the circus of sport ceases to be viable.  Whether supporters or participants - the fan is the foundation-stone for all sport.  Media.  Sponsors.  Promoters.  Investors.  They all invest because they are reaching out to the fan  Their passion. Their loyalty. Their emotion.  Their humanity,

Too often, the fan as a constituent is overlooked - or misunderstood  - by the sports industry.  Understanding the different nuances of the fan  - be it supporter or participant   - from why & how the brain works & reacts , through to understanding &  translating socio-economic data into action,, to digital & physical activation principals & delivery - the focus on the fan lies at the heart of successful & commercially viable sport..  

With his unique perspective as a major international investor in the sports industry,  Giles Morgan acts as an independent advisor, consultant within the Global Sports Industry providing his unique insight & expertise to understand the transaction between the sports industry,  the fan base & the investment community..


Clients include Rights-Holders,  Investors, Sponsors, Public Sector & Government, Media,  Marketing Agencies & Suppliers.

The primary purpose is to provide clients expert independent & neutral counsel & insight by bringing his wealth of experience & unrivalled network to improve the art and science of investment in the sports industry and to maximise  business output and minimise risk. All projects are undertaken with a strict NDA in place and all clients remain confidential.

Providing unbiased independent and constructive counsel across a number of core delivery areas - including analysis of existing & potential commercial investment strategies & activation, bespoke measurement and ROI modelling, sponsorship rights proposal assessment, rights structuring & commercial packaging, analysing agency new business proposals and providing presentation style and coaching/ pitch coaching services. 

Over the past 15 years, Giles Morgan has been responsible for investing in a significant number of major international and domestic marketing partnership programs all over the world - as well as analysing many thousands of proposals and sponsorship requests from rights holders, agencies and media.  He is therefore uniquely placed to act in a unbiased and objective capacity to provide confidential and independent assessment and expert counsel to clients. 


Global Sports Network

As one of the world's most well respected and considered Partnership Marketing experts, Giles Morgan brings a wealth of experience, thought leadership and an unrivalled database of contacts across his international network in the sports, cause related and arts sectors as well as governments, media and agencies. 

Giles Morgan is much sought after as a keynote speaker at International Conferences and is a regular commentator in the media and on social media.

World Class Experience

From 2005-2017, Giles Morgan pioneered HSBC's global sponsorship & partnership strategy and portfolio - with over 175 events across 25 markets in Golf, Rugby, Cycling, Tennis, Badminton, Equestrianism as well as the Arts and Cause Related programs - to create one of the world's most successful and multi award winning global sponsorship programs.  He also led HSBC's 150th Anniversary in 2015 - with a year long campaign across the bank's global network.


From 1993-2005, Giles Morgan worked as a sponsorship consultant with a number of international blue-chip clients within sponsorship and marketing including Vodafone, adidas, The Famous Grouse, E.On, the British Olympic Association and Kronenbourg 1664.

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